Travel information for Croatia


There are a lot of information going on in the press and on social media regarding travel restrictions in Croatia caused by infamous Covid-19, better known as Coronavirus, so we’re here to help with the info we’ve received directly from our Ministry and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
And the news we have are great – our borders are open and sailing in Croatia is back!

What is required?


Valid crew list form that you need to show on our border.
If you didn’t hear from us at least 5 days before your charter, please contact us in order to receive required crew list form.
Official statement regarding travel restrictions in Croatia can be found below.


You’ll need to sign a form that you are just traveling through Austria without stopping, you can find it here and fill it out in advance so you have it ready with you and reduce your waiting time on the border.


Last week Slovenia has declared the end of pandemic, so they’ll just ask you where are you going and let you through.

What you need to know before you come

Important information:

  • you can get to your boat in Croatia without staying 14 days in quarantine
  • you are allowed to get out of the boat where you are moored if necessary, but with all epidemiological safety measures in mind (social distancing/face masks in closed spaces/wash your hands or use hand sanitisers)
  • you are not allowed to go to another boat
  • if the boat doesn’t have a tracking device, write down all your stops
  • follow our information for safe and easy check-in/out
  • read and follow instructions from Croatian Institute of Public Health
  • check in your own country what is required for you to safely return back home (for e.g. do you need to stay in the quarantine when you come back home)

What is new in Croatia?

We do have some news that may affect you if you are arriving to our base late on Saturday or on a Sunday. All shops and markets are now closed on Sundays so you’ll need to notify us in case you’ll need to order your food supply in advance.
All restaurants are opened and most of them are offering take out because of the virus, so you can also order something directly to your boat.
Safety measures are lifted so national parks are opened and many of them have reduced their prices considering the situation.

UPDATE: From 31th of May, 2020. all shops and markets are working again on Sundays.

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