Safety measures – for your family and ours

Protection against COVID-19

While almost carefree June is behind us, we are looking forward to our summer days, but we still want you to be safe and vigilant regarding this situation. If you already booked your boat and you are counting days to your arrival to Zadar, than you already received all the information from us and this will just be a reminder. For those who are still questioning their arrival or wondering what the procedures are, please find all the information below.

What you need to do before your arrival?

Please inform us about your approximate time of arrival to the marina a few days before and we’ll let you know your expected check-in time.
We need to clean and disinfect the boat properly before we welcome you aboard.
It is advised to reduce our interaction up to 15 minutes in the open space so we’ll prepare everything you’ll need in advance.
That’s why it is important that you send us your crew list so we can prepare your boat documents and to plan your arrival to marina according to our advised check-in time so you don’t need to wait.
Our office is closed until further notice, everything we usually do in the office will be done online before your arrival or in your boat cockpit after the check-in.

Arrival to our base

If you are arriving by car check on the photo where your boat is moored.
Pier 0 is situated on the right side of the ramp at marina entrance.
You can park for a few minutes in front of the boat to take your luggage and supplies out of the car, then park you car in a garage, on the garage top or any designated parking area inside the marina.
If your boat is moored at pier E, the closest you can drive your car is up till pier D. Call us upon your arrival to the marina and we’ll wait you with the trolley to get your luggage and supplies to the boat.
You can park your car in front of a pier D if it is a designated parking place or you can drive the car to the garage or a garage top, wherever you find a suitable parking place.
One hour is free of charge, and one day is 10 EUR.
You’ll get the ticket at the ramp and you need to keep it until you go out.

If you are arriving by plane, please inform us so we can arrange your transfer and give you all the info about where to get your boat supplies.


Please go to your boat at the time you were appointed to (or later), earlier time will probably not be possible because of disinfection.
We use ozone machine for disinfection and it might be in use so be careful – if you see that the boat is completely closed (all the windows and the door), please don’t come in.
Contact us before entering the boat and we’ll let you know if it is safe to go in. Your check list will be waiting for you at the skipper’s table. Please start checking all the items your self, when you finish or base manager will come to show you the sails, the engine(s) and to answer all your questions.
After that you’ll do all the paper work in the open – in your cockpit or in the boat next to you if it’s available.


Your check-out time will be arranged at check-in or you can contact us a few hours before your arrival to the marina. Since the marina is very tight, we offer our base manager’s assistance while coming back to the marina. Just let us know if you need his help and he’ll wait you at the fuel station and drive you into your berth.
Before check-out take all your luggage out of the boat and take out the trash (please recycle), then our base manager will come and check the boat.

Face mask and hand gloves are recommended.
Please note that only the skipper is allowed to be on the boat during check-in/out.

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