Iška kraljica/Queen of Iž

Enchant your winter festivities with Iška kraljica

If you want to experience special advent this year, visit island of Iž and see/or participate in this magical event – Iška kraljica/Queen of Iž – an island ski race in the middle of town Veli Iž.

What is Iška kraljica/Queen of Iž?

Iška kraljica is an island downhill ski race for everybody. This unique event will be held on 21st of December, 2019. from 7 pm (19 o’clock) in the town centre of Veli Iž.
The snow will be transferred from Lika mountains by trucks and a ferry boat and the people of Iž will set up a 70 meters long downhill trail in one of the central streets of Veli Iž.

How to participate?

If you’d like to participate in the race, you should send your application to Iška kraljica organisation board in advance. Follow their Fb page for all the information.
Of course, you can also visit Veli Iž to enjoy all the winter festivities if you don’t want to participate in the race. Local food and drinks will be available on spot and great music show is guaranteed.

How to get there?

You can reach island Iž by ferry boat using regular ferry lines from Zadar, but there will also be some additional lines and boats available to transfer you to Iž. There will be a boat available after the race to take you back to Zadar or you can stay overnight and experience one of the local famous festivity’s event.

Where to sleep if I want to stay overnight?

Hotel Korinjak or many local private accommodation are available in Veli Iž.
But if you’d like to make your experience even more memorable, we’ve also created our special offer for this special ski/boating experience.

Marina Veli Iž is situated near the event (walking distance), it is opened throughout the year and it offers mooring, electricity and sanitary facilities.
There are shops, bars and restaurants that will be opened during this event.

Bavaria 32 Lucija

Check out our special boat offer for Iška kraljica and send us your request if you didn’t find what you are looking for.

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