7 days sailing gateway

Feeling tired and used? Anxious for change?

You owe yourself at least a week off!
Try a mindfulness crash course on a 14 m sail boat and give yourself a chance to experience the relief from burdens of everyday life – with mindfulness sailing week off as just a starting point

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment (Kabat-Zinn, 2003). 

In other words, mindfulness involves directing attention to the experience in the present moment and a non-evaluative observation of that experience. 

What a better place to focus on  a present moment then on a 14 m sailboat cruising through Croatian coast for a week – we will set sails at central Adriatic in ancient town of Zadar.
We will sail past hundred mostly inhabit islands, visit some remote places, national parks and some ancient cites and ports.

Highlights: Zadar, Šibenik, Skradin, N.P. Kornati, N.P. Krka  

How does the course work?

There will be 6 day talks (approx. an hour each) on subjects that will encircle the concept of mindfulness, plus two guided meditations to start and finish the day.

This training was developed to systematically increase mindfulness not only through mindfulness practice, but also by considering the underlying mechanisms of mindfulness. 

For instance, in addition to practicing meditation, this training also answers questions like:

  • What happens when I meditate?
  • Why does meditation help reduce the effect of negative thoughts?
  • Why should I become aware of judgments I make?

Understanding the underlying mechanisms makes it easier to apply mindfulness in a wide range of contexts and counteract the misconception that mindfulness is a trick or technique rather than a way of being.

Why choose this mindfulness sailing course?

This course is meant for those who want:

  • sail the sea whose pathways are marked by the merchants that made renascence and enlightenment possible
  • enjoy the sea & the sun, hidden coves and local fresh seafood

For those who wish to see more than peace and serenity of open sea where the Greeks and the Romans sailed through the history, there are everyday exercises available with individual aid and guidance: sailing, hiking, history trails, paddle boarding, vine tasting, swimming in crystal-clear sea, snorkelling & biking.

Highlights: NP Telascica – salt lake trail, cliff trail, Zut Bay, Sakarun beach

Why mindfulness?

Research has consistently shown that mindfulness is an important predictor of well-being. 
For instance, the trait of mindfulness has been associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, more positive affect, less negative affect, greater life satisfaction, and sense of autonomy and competence (Brown & Ryan, 2003). 

Studies have shown that the effects of mindfulness cannot be attributed simply to relaxation, but also to complex processes, like attention regulation, emotional coping, observation, and time perspective.

What is included in the course?

In order to have easier orientation throughout the crash course handbooks will be ready for every participant, alongside with a diploma at the end for the full course attendants.

sailing into the sunset in Zadar

Accept a week of tranquility and enjoyment of being out of the regular loop while connecting with yourself in a pearl of nature.

Price per person includes: 7 day sailing holiday with mindfulness course, handbook, diploma, tourist tax, berth in double bed cabin, 2 x crew, 6 x breakfast, fuel, mooring fees, water, cooking gas, bed linen, 2 x towels, end cleaning, WiFi (4G), VAT

Not included in the price: national park tickets, meals, beverages, souvenirs, etc.

890 EUR 1 x berth in double bed cabin (shared)
929 EUR 1 x berth in bunk bed cabin (shared)
1.590 EUR private cabin

Higher levels of mindfulness have also been found to be associated with various positive psychological outcomes, such as lower levels of neuroticism, depression, and anxiety as well as higher levels of self-esteem, vitality, and authenticity (Brown & Ryan, 2003; Lakey, Kernis, Heppner, & Lance, 2008).

Hopefully you will be going home empty-minded but definitely not

Illustration excerpt from Dunja Jankovic's comic Nocno more (The Night Sea) originally published in Morsko prase.
Illustration by Dunja Janković (excerpt) https://cargocollective.com/dunjajankovic

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